Welcome to MineSim. MineSim is a product of AdroitPrograming a private South African and Australian business. If you want to learn more about APrograming please visit www.adroit-programing.com

What is MineSim?

MineSim is a major project of AdroitPrograming, born from the idea of simulating a gold mine, from blasting the rock to pouring the gold. Through this idea, we have created a virtual environment that simulates real world equipment and processes. The initial idea was to simulate a mine, but evolved into an ever-growing module-based training software that includes and covers many types of engineering, operations and equipment.

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Who is AdroitPrograming?


AdroitPrograming is a company that originally began in South Africa but has since expanded to include its main foothold in two countries: South Africa and Australia. We started out as a web development and design company. Through industry learned expertise in the mining industry, the concept of MineSim was born inside the company and started development behind the scenes. We have also expanded into Information Technology solutions and Software and App development.

If you want to learn more about AdroitPrograming, please check out our website: www.adroit-programing.com

Why Virtual training?

Virtual Training environments provide ways to expose students to realistic learning environments, which none of the risk of the real-life environments. Mistakes made in the virtual environment have no affect on the functioning of your work environment, granting the users safe place to learn from their mistakes. Real-life has no Undo button, MineSim does.

How does MineSim work?

Each module in MineSim provides information to the user through a lecture format, provides opportunities to interact with 3D objects to develop better understanding of how they work; followed by an opportunity to be a member of the Mining Process and interacting with the Plant. Each user may then be tested on what they learnt from that module and prove they have learnt something before moving onto the next module.

Why MineSim?

Moduler training simulations such as MineSim create a learning environemnt to train the users on real world processes using real world equipment.

  • Enhance users skills and knowledge.
  • Lower risks on your operation.
  • Safety intergrated training in the modules.
  • Reduce the number of incidents and accidents in your operation
  • Learn through making mistakes in a virtual world, its cheaper than making mistakes in the real world
  • Cost effective training for all levels of your operation
  • MineSim provides 24/7 training, computers dont get tired.
  • Increase the production of your operation:
    • Users obtain an in depth knowledge of modules learning objectives.
    • Through understanding and education of equipment lower the maintenance costs.
    • Users naturally optimize their work through higher education.

If you would like to learn more about MineSim and how it can help your operation please send us a message from our Contact us page.

Benefits of MineSim?

  • Users can learn at their own pace and make mistakes without repercussions
  • Multiple users can be trained at once, from the comfort of their home/office/training centre
  • The training quality is high and remains consistent due to limited human interaction
  • Gives trainers freedom to focus on tasks that people struggle with. Focused teaching allows for more in depth understanding
  • All training information on the student is kept on a cloud, easy access for student and trainers to access data from anywhere
  • Training is dynamic and changing allowing students to learn up to date lessons and information.

Digital Doubles

MineSim continues to develop digital assets of equipment that gets used in processing facilities. As such, we can create digital doubles of your processing plant. Using our assets or generating new assets, we can bring your processing plant into a fully interactive environment.

  • Provide virtual safety inductions using your processing facility.
  • Allow new staff to become familiar with how to operate your process before stepping foot on site.
  • Introduce consultants to your operation virtually to discuss processing bottlenecks and solutions from anywhere in the world.
  • Change the behaviour of your operation in virtual space to experience the upstream and downstream effects prior to making changes on site.

What Modules do you have?

You can find a list of what modules we currently offer here. This list is always growing as more get made.

We don’t have a Module you want?

We can develop modules for your needs, be it a custom module for your company or one that can used for all users. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know more.

Interested in what we have to offer?

Feel free to contact us or place an order and we will get back to you.