MineSim is a major project of AdroitPrograming, born from the idea of simulating a gold mine, from blasting the rock to pouring the gold. Through this idea, we have created a virtual environment that simulates real world equipment and processes. The initial idea was to simulate a mine, but evolved into an ever-growing module-based training software that includes and covers many types of engineering, operations and equipment.

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Learning Approach

MineSim has been developed with the mentality of presenting users to increasingly more complex topics at a steady pace over multiple learning mediums.

MineSim utilizes a number of teaching methods to help get the subject material across; i.e. reading, listening, visualization, cooperation, inquiry-based instruction and behaviour management. Each of MineSim's interactions, modules and virtual environments are designed with these teaching systems in place.

We start off MineSim with a tutorial for users to understand the basics of MineSim itself. Then each topic is given an Introduction Module, that may lead into an Operation Module, which may lead further into an Advanced Module. Below you can see more information on each step to our approach.


Basic education on how MineSim works, PPE, Safety Objects and Hazard Identification.


Guided lessons where users learn the basics of a topic without too much interaction.


Semi-Guided lessons with more freedom to explore, interact and learn a bit more in depth about topics


Little to no guidance. Users use knowledge learnt from introduction and operation modules to change conditions on the subject



Introduction Modules


Operation Modules


Advanced Modules


Digital Doubles


Unique Users and growing

We posses an extensive list of always growing and improving modules. Each module is created to cover a specific topic and includes:

  • Fully voiced lectures on the topic.
  • Interactable benches containing 3D models and renders to help understand aspects of the topic.
  • Field Simulations on the topic to practice what one has learnt.
  • Exams to test your theory on the module subject.
  • Environments designed around the topic to illustrate how the subject applies to the real world.

If you wish to learn more about what modules we have, please select below to view a comprehension list of our modules.

Digital Doubles

Digital Doubles

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MineSim continues to develop digital assets of equipment that gets used in processing facilities. As such, we can create digital doubles of your processing plant. Using our assets or generating new assets, we can bring your processing plant into a fully interactive environment.

  • Provide virtual safety inductions using your processing facility.
  • Allow new staff to become familiar with how to operate your process before stepping foot on site.
  • Introduce consultants to your operation virtually to discuss processing bottlenecks and solutions from anywhere in the world.
  • Change the behaviour of your operation in virtual space to experience the upstream and downstream effects prior to making changes on site.

Gamification is design that places the most emphasis on human motivation in the process. In essence, it is Human-Focused Design

Yu-Kai Chou Gamification pioneer & Speaker and lecturer

Games are effective because they can be used for situated learning, where a player can be placed into a simulation of a real-world situation and see the impact of his or her actions over time

Scott Nicholson Associate professor at Syracuse University’s, School of Information Studies.

Today, I look forward and I see a future in which games once again are explicitly designed to improve quality of life, to prevent suffering, and to create real, widespread happiness.

Jane McGonigal Game designer & game researcher

Virtual Training

Virtual Training environments provide ways to expose students to realistic learning environments, which none of the risk of the real-life environments. Mistakes made in the virtual environment have no affect on the functioning of your work environment, granting the users safe place to learn from their mistakes. Real-life has no Undo button, MineSim does.


an Account

We offer the option to create a free MineSim account. The free MineSim account comes with a license with access to 4 modules and 5 users. The modules included:
  1. PPE
  2. Hazard Identification
  3. Safety Objects
  4. Chemical Introduction


The price of MineSim is subject to the amount of additional modules you have subscribed to, the amount of users per license, as well as the development of any digital doubles. To learn more, create a free account and go to "Build a license" or contact us below.

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